MCLA is being retired

The City of MCLA , often times known as the Minecraft Los Angeles project, will be taking a long yet overdue break and a completely new beginning for all of us. For the past 5 years of development since its humble beginnings in Febuary 2015 of what started as a simple city building idea during a bit of boredom during our last few months of our senior years in high school, we've been trying to make something wonderful but as time slowly went on we simply ended up giving up on making something of our own as we are really out of ideas, innovation and overal motivation. To make matters a bit more difficult, we are only a team of mostly 3 guys working on this as a hobby project in our free times but without a community of people, being modelers, map planners, modders, designers and the such, this clearly is why MCLA won't really be MCLA too much anymore without getting everyone involved, and I can honestly say that it really is starting to fall on its face right now. We can't continue doing things this way that have been overly used to doing, as that is why we are making yet another difficult decison that is hard for us to make and even fathom going forward, even after we had just announced MCLA 2.0 not too long ago back around Halloween in 2019. That decision is to start over-  yet again.

Yep. We are going to be starting over once again whether you all like it or not as it will be better than ever before. This time we are going to take a diffrent take to building MCLA from the ground up. MCLA will now be called Alto, and it will now be developed by our own tech startup in the works being Mica Technologies. Alto will not be a freestyle "build it all free for all" kinda thing but something really unique of its own. It will be the City of Los Angeles made pixel perfect top to bottom with every granular detail, from the streets to the buildings, monuments and landmarks, eat ins and dives, just about everything in Los Angeles will be included in Alto. We really think you're going to love it  as we can't wait to see what the future holds for Alto.

As the sun sets on MCLA, and even for the old MCLA site that will go with it, you can still check out MCLA's old municipal codes for the time being to see how it used to work and how close everything is to actual Los Angeles, our launcher downloads to download our own launcher called the Mica Forge Launcher to play some of your favorite modpacks if you made any, and most importantly to contact us if you have any questions, comments or concerns about MCLA's next chapter as it becomes Alto. We are always here for you as we won't be going anywhere without you! Until then let's hope that Alto is going to be a great one for all of us to enjoy in the coming years ahead so stay tuned for any new stuff about Alto coming soon!

- Brandon Holt aka RinRin Blissgreen, the co-owner of MCLA

MCLA retirement roadmap

April 1st, 2020- The announcement is made that MCLA will be rebranded as Alto
April 8th, 2020- The old MCLA site will start to redirect to the new Mica Technologies site and the notice about the MCLA rebrand to Alto will be up there now
April 15th, 2020 or whenever it's ready- The Mica Forge Launcher will be updated to reflect modpack and server resources on the new Mica Technologies site
April 16th, 2020- The old site repo now fully goes read only and is now archived on GitHub
September 9th, 2021- The old MCLA site will not longer be accessible after that date. Everyone is now urged to check out Alto over at

We are also looking for plans to go to a dedicated web host to host forums and the rest of our Mica and Alto communities together. That date is going to still be announced when it becomes available.